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Who We Are?

Jennifer DeBow, Mondo Italiano partner, knew exactly what she wanted to do when she conceived of the restaurant — she longed to capture the flavor of the East Coast Italian American food that she had enjoyed during her childhood in Manhattan.

"I put together the menu based on the dishes I used to eat in New York City," she said. "Each item has been taken from a specific restaurant."

True Italian Food and Pizza in Taos, New Mexico

Creating amazing pizza pies and pastas, Chef Jennifer DeBow gets down to basics with the simplest and best known of all Italian dishes: pizza. One bite of the crispy homemade crust with a perfect layer of freshly made sauce and fresh toppings of your choice will being you to the heart of Mulberry Street. Whatever you're hungry for, Mondo Italiano has it covered!

Taos Italian Food

The espresso bar is open. Or choose from our selection of draft beer and wine hand-picked to pair perfectly with your pizza or pasta.

All pies are hand rolled and made fresh to order. Try the Calamari, Calabro Mozzarella Sticks or Taos Firehouse Wings while you wait for your pizza to arrive hot from Mondo's brick oven.

Make sure to check out all of the delicious dishes like Shrimp Scampi: sautéed in butter, white wine and garlic or our Meatball Hero served with house cut fries. Or try the Fettuccine Alfredo, prepared to order with cream, Parmesan cheese and fresh egg yolk. 

Or the classic Eggplant Parmesan, whole eggplant sliced for your order, dipped in house made breadcrumbs, lightly fried and baked between layers of cheese and served bubbling hot.

What People Are Saying

best italian

Trip Advisor

      we enjoyed two dinners at this local gem. nice meal selections, plus they offer half portions. friendly owners and staff.

    thumb Bob K

      Italian food with a passion. Rather NY than Napoli but a must if you're in town. Watch the Taos sunset with a glass of Pino in your hand then tuck... read more

    thumb BritsloveSW

      I ate here with my son while traveling. Wanted something different than Mexican. Very good service, friendly staff, nice decor inside and the food was very good. Would definitely recommend... read more

    thumb J5936VLtomb


      12/27/2018 - Very disappointed - a lot of the restaurants in Taos advertise good food, and some of it is, but the prices are horrible for the quality you get in most cases. I'm believe this is due to transportation costs and the fact that Taos is a tourist spot and not that visitors have no clue about good food, which is the impression I first had. Honestly, you can do better, Taos.

    We ordered a couple of Mondo Italianos' pizza, which was fairly decent, as was the Greek salad. The spaghetti and meatballs (initially 2 orders, but the staff member forgot to add them to our order, so we settled for one) and Chicken Alfredo were bland, with little flavor. There was very little sauce on the spaghetti, maybe half a cup, making it a dish of mostly plain pasta. To make matters worse, the meatballs were undercooked, with a lot of pink flesh inside.  We scraped what was cooked from the outer portions and did the best we could, too tired to return.  The Alfredo sauce lacked garlic, salt, and seemed watered down, with little cheese flavor.

    I hate to post bad reviews, but I've been cooking since I was 12 - Italian, German, French, Asian, and barbecue - and I can do so much better. All it requires is an honest desire to provide really delicious food.

    Sorry, Mondo. The atmosphere was great, but you really need to work on food quality.

    thumb Ray S.

      We love this place. It has really good pizza pasta and salads. Margarita was well made and delicious.

    thumb Elisa B.

      We stopped in for dinner just because we needed a change from the usual New Mexican food we have been eating during the past week. The food was decent and there were some minor issues with the service, but overall it wasn't bad and served its purpose.

    When we walked in there were a lot of tables available, and we were led by a waitress to a table just inches from one that was already occupied. We didn't really want to sit right on top of another group when we didn't need to, so we asked if we could move. The waitress let us move, but she seemed really annoyed about it. I understand that it probably is annoying and we probably messed up the way they have the seating already figured out, but it was still offputting for her to be annoyed about it.

    We ordered fried avocado as an appetizer. I thought it was alright, but one of the sauces that came with it was good enough that we saved it to use for our other food later, including the bread they brought to the table. They asked if we wanted bread, and we said sure, assuming it would come out soon and we would eat it before the pizza got there, but it came out just a minute or two before the pizza, and when you have pizza, you really don't want the bread anymore. Oh well.

    The Greek pizza was good. It had tomato, spinach, feta, and oregano (we left off the olive). We have had better pizzas like this, but it wasn't bad at all. The smaller size pizza was plenty for the three of us (we each got two slices).

    They have a little gelato shop inside as well. The waitress told us we could add it onto our bill, so I wondered in and perused the gelato for a minute before wondering whether anyone was supposed to be working in there. I felt bad to realize they have to pull people from the main wait staff to scoop the gelato. I got lemon. It was decent, nothing to write home about. They charge by weight rather than scoop size. When the guy asked if I was using cash or card I tried to explain we just wanted to add it onto our bill, he did so but seemed a little annoyed about it. On one hand I felt bad for the employees we kept annoying here, but on the other hand they probably shouldn't have acted annoyed

    thumb Sam R.


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